Common Conditions Treated

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Are you looking for a safe and effective way to provide care for your animal? Consider animal chiropractic as a vital part of your animal's overall health and well-being! I have found that animals love to get adjusted and respond to care quickly. 

Animal Chiropractic Care may be appropriate in treatment of: 

  •          Neck, back, leg, and tail pain
  •          Muscle spasms, nerve problems
  •          Disc or joint problems, limping, gait abnormalities 
  •          Injuries from slips, falls and accidents
  •          Jaw, TMJ problems, difficulty chewing
  •          Event or sports injuries
  •          Any recurring conditions such as vomiting, respiratory or urinary infections 
  •         Seizures or neurological problems
  •         Constipation or diarrhea  

Chiropractic is one of the few modalities in health care that can show immediate results. In general improvements are defined as an improved stride, reduction in pain, increased energy, or improved condition. In orthopedic conditions such as fractures or ligament tears, chiropractic care may not replace the need for surgical correction but will be useful in addressing secondary problems caused by compensation or overcompensation to the injury. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe an effective addition to all post surgical rehabilitation care plan.  

Animals used for athletic performance or other working purposes are ideal candidates for chiropractic treatment.  Regularly assessing and maintaining maximum flexibility for athletic animals helps to prevent and avoid injuries.

Routine animal chiropractic care can prove very useful to your animal as they cannot verbally tell you when something is wrong. Regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments help ensure maintenance of a healthy spine and strong nervous system.  Animal chiropractic is not intended to replace traditional veterinary care, but to complement it,  keeping your animals healthy, active, and energetic. When used together, chiropractic and veterinary care provides  maximum health benefits for your animals so they can live long, happy lives.

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